Saturday, November 15, 2008

Punch Frog Card

Okay, I came up with this in my head and decided it was time to put it out on paper. I made "Mistle Toad" (aka Miss L. Toad- get it? I know pretty cheesy, but I thought it was kinda funny!)

Okay, so maybe not?:)

Season of Simple Grace Stair Step card

I finally got a chance on a Saturday to stamp pretty much uninterupted? Anyway wanted to share some ideas that were swimming in my head for awhile now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pennant Die cards

I made these this afternoon using the XL Pennant Die in my BS. I like how they turned out.

A bowl of Jenna

Today I was working on some craft fair items at my table in the basement and Jenna was getting frustrated about something and so I look to see what it is and she is sitting in this bowl and can't figure out how to get out without falling over. (Note to all you parents of toddlers-this is a GREAT time out possibility :))

Vinyl Big Shot Snowflake card

I had some vinyl I purchased for another project that I never got around to making so I decided to run some of it through the BS. These vinyl snowflakes in all sizes are the rage in scrapbooking right now and I thought, why not make my own and save some money?