Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More "Inspiration Women"

Okay, so that last post didn't hold them all, but here are a few more......

Some of the "Inspiration Women"

Okay, so I have been a demo for going on 8 years this year, and when I first started, I "only did it for the discount". Over the first two years of demonstratorship, I met ladies from afar, over the internet mostly that became my long distant "family" and HUGE inspiration! Some of them are inspiring in the business aspect, others in the "art" aspect, but all have in common one thing: PASSION for SU! and for "small time" demos like myself who mostly are stalkers.....they heard that from me at Leadership as I approached them for the opportunity to have a photo taken, they have impacted me GREATLY!~

Monday, January 17, 2011

My time in Nashville!

Well, I can't believe how fast time flew but I am home again! I can't even tell you how packed with information and inspiration I came home with. I have so many photos and so little But one of the first ones I wanted to post was a photo with Shelli I had taken at our last Stampin'UP! party the last night. I don't usually post photos of me, but I had just got finished telling her what this company meant to me through all the rough spots in my last couple of years and why I call it THERAPY(and was sobbing like a baby, so my makeup was toast at this point)'s not just a word to me, really, it's a therapy and it's kept me engaged in positive thoughts and things to look forward too rather than getting the negative thoughts embedded in my heart and mind. So, over the next week, I will be posting about Leadership, (mainly because I have nothing stamped to show you of my and why it's so important to rethink your demonstratorship (if you are a demo) and for those of you who stamp, why you should think to MAKE time to do something you love!