Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Artisan Blog Hop (Project #7) Scrapbook pages

Okay, so I may have realized a possibility as to why I didn't win....after looking at this picture, I noticed that my handwriting is HORRIBLE! But I gave it my "extra touch" and that is who I am....take it or leave it...(and we all know what they did...:) )


Ashley said...

LOVE this page! SO CUTE!!! Love the colors and everything. And I think your handwritting is great. Makes it so special to have that personal touch...I think anyway! :) SO CUTE!!

Julia said...

This is page is tooo cute!!! Jenna is such a doll!!!

TrishG said...

Cute page. I'm sure it's not your handwriting - to me it looks nice. Good for you for entering the contest. I've been looking around at all the Almost Artisans and you're all very creative and talented!!