Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award cont.....

Okay, so I was awarded this award last week and was supposed to list 8 Things about me and 8 People I would like to pass the Sylish Blogger Award to...

1. I married the guy, who in 3rd grade PUSHED ME DOWN on the ice and cracked my chin open...
2. My oldest daughter is 20 years old, my youngest is 3!
3. I have been published in Paper Crafts magazine 2 times(my 3rd will be the May/June issue)
4. I won the Scholastic Book Art Show in high school and my artwork was bought by someone in NY(I am from Iowa) for $200.
5. I was offered a full scholarship in high school to play college softball.
6. My favorite color is RED!
7. I LOVE COFFEE! .......................ALOT!
8. My FAVORITE music is anything 80's~

8 People I would like to pass the Stylish Blogger Award to:

1. Traci-Inkin' Up the Dogs-simple and cute
2.Crystal-Crafting and Rambling
3. Jill-Jill's Card Creations
4. Lyssa-Song of My Heart Stampers
5. Nancy-iSTAMP
6. Glenda-Glenda's Blog
7. Claire-Claire Daly
8. Lori-Lori Stamps


Nancy Riley said...

Jamie, thank you so very much for the wonderful award! I'm truly honored to be chosen by you!

I'm an Iowa farm girl, born and raised, too!