Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Digital Studio/Graduation Invites

So, here we are...2012....and what does that mean? Well, for ME, it means SEVERAL exciting things...TWO of my daughters hitting HUGE milestones in their lives.  One is graduating high school and one is getting married in September.  My husband and I will celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in May and many, many more things too many to talk about right now.  With BOTH of those HUGE milestones comes lots and lots of planning and I am sure not enough today, since I was feeling giddy, I thought it would be a good day to at least get the invitations out of the way for graduation so I can start thinking of decorations for the big day.  This is not like me to use anything "printed off" because one of the things that I enjoy most is CREATING them with my hands and seeing them 3D, but this was a great time saver and was able to use My Digital Studio for the first time and actually be able to "show it off" to others. But in reality, we did create them with our hands, just not with all the ribbons and bows to actually feel.  She chose pink and black as her colors, because the class colors were, well, let's just say, yuckko...(teal and purple-too Mardi Gras for me). (PS-I can't believe how much she looks like I did at that age and how she looked like me in her baby picture-for so long she looked so much like her dad...wowzers!


Julia said...

You already know I like this. Came out really good!