Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One in a Million Pinwheel

Well, some of you that attend my monthly card classes are going to be like, "what? that wasn't one of our cards...." well, it's not if you were in my first class of the month. lol You see, THAT class, one of my customers decided to try and "unjam" my Cupcake punch and THREW IT ON THE FLOOR, literally shattering the metal piece....soooooo, until I had the money to replace it, I couldn't do the same card that we did earlier on, so I had to come up with another card for my last two classes of the month. I know, debacle right?  So, instead, I just came up with the same color scheme, since I had the first two layers already cut for the class, just had to change the focal point. ( It was a much easier card...hehehehe)
So anyway, here it is, I love how it came out!