Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reason For The Season Candle

WOW! I cannot believe it's been over a MONTH since I have posted!!! First let me explain the end of September, after looking for a couple of years, we were blessed to have found a fantastic house to purchase.  Being in a small area, it was so hard to find something that was everything we wanted...God literally dropped it into our hands. So, with that, the owners wanted us to move in as soon as we could. Anyone who knows us, knows that my husband is a school teacher and year round coach, so nights and weekends were limited, but we did it an astonishing 5 days!  Secondly, my computer is not running correctly, not sure if it's a virus, or ready to retire, but my time is limited on my laptop for posting photos..and thirdly, if that wasn't enough, my mom suffered a stroke, and during the process of her intial care, doctors found that she also has dimentia, so for two weeks my sister and I stressed over things such as long term housing, her finances, and now we have the daunting task of cleaning out her apartment this week which is a distance away from both of us, but with God's will in tact, we will get it done.  The blessing of being at home full time and running this business, I have some AMAZING friends that know that I need to keep busy in a positive way and that I need some extra cash flow for the holidays, so I have had 3 WORKSHOPS in the past two months! WHOOHOO! So, for the next couple of posts, I am going to share some of my workshop projects.

This first project was my favorite! I brought back an old technique that I first learned 15 years ago when I started stamping and it has always been something that I knew would wow the girls that are now seasoned stampers, and what better time to share is during the holiday thought process of gift giving.  Remember embossing on candles? Yeah, it was pretty impressing to all who got to see it! And I KNEW once I put one of these FANTASTIC Poinsettias together from the Festive Flower Punch and Reason for the Season stamp set (this is sold seperatley or as a bundle), I knew exactly that it was going to go wonderfully on the front of the candle.
I stamped the sentiment onto the tissue paper and trimmed around it closely, then held it on to the front of the candle and placed waxed paper over it and heated it with the heat tool until JUST melted. Then I pulled off the waxed paper and viola!

 Here is a closeup of the flower finished...
I wrapped a piece of Winter Wonderland Foil DSP around the bottom of the candle and set it on a candle holder with three Gold Foil Doiles on top.  I hope to post some other projects this week, but as I said, cleaning out my mom's apartment and add parent teacher conferences and two more card classes, I will be spent.  It's good to be "back"and I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have a super week!